Testing for Other Allergens --
Mold isn't the only substance that causes people to sneeze and show allergic responses. These are the most common "other" items and we are happy to test for them. Like mold, there are no scientifically determined levels that are "safe" or not safe. Your response will be individual to your body. However, these are particularly valuable in response to allergy test results when you know specifically what it is that you are allergic to and knowledge will allow you to make your environment more hospitable for you.

These are vacuumn samples involving
an air pump and special air cells to catch the contaminants

Polyclonal Dust Mites                               $150.00  7-10 days for results

Cockroach Allergen Level                        $150.00  7-10 days for results

Cat Allergens Analysis                              $125.00  7-10 days for results

Dog Allergens Analysis                             $125.00  7-10 days for results